This is Mulu, a friend of Proyecthiopia for years. He is in the university scholarship program and studies Marketing in Addis. Yesterday he received his first Christmas gift.


Proyecthiopia presents its university scholarship program. We are delighted to collaborate with Proyecthiopia in this fantastic project!


We are delighted to collaborate with Proyecthiopia in this fantastic project!
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Big-Data for Dummies

Big Data for Dummies Big Data tries to efficiently manage the huge amount of information we produce. It is a very fashionable term now that can produce different sensations, curiosity, fear, uncertainty … According to what we are told is something that will change our habits and transform our lives, hopefully, in most cases for […]


Marketing Intelligence

By concept, marketing is synonymous with customer orientation. And it is precisely at this point that Marketing Intelligence (MI) puts special focus, developing new strategies in order to obtain a deeper knowledge of our customers.

Big data: Computer Diogenes Syndrome?

bigdataGo ask … Before answering and see if this is possible, let’s stop to think what data may have our and how can be used.

Daily, we can handle and provide huge amounts of data. Check our bank account, make transactions, buy online, indicate our position through mobile, publish content on social networks, etc. As a curious fact, about 12 Terabytes of tweets are published on Twitter, and about 100 Petabytes of photos and videos are stored on Facebook. On the other hand, the different companies handle daily a multitude of data on our consumption (water, electricity, telephone), buying habits, preferences …
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Malaga is sea, but also smart city

smart city

Cities have grown because there are many reasons to live in them and because the increase in life expectancy contributes to that. The increase of people together with a higher rate of aging and the fact that we are more demanding require better services.

The services and the state of our cities have improved a lot in recent years and even if we can put a damper on this, … the last one would be … but they are there! They are a reality that we need to maintain and continue to improve.

Resources grow at a rate far below the needs. The crisis, undoubtedly unfair for all, forces to change the patterns of action, adopt different decisions, do things differently, end the paradigms of the past, apply more intelligence, seek best practices, improve management, take decisions successful, invest well and be very lucky.

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Cost control: the response to the crisis

control de costes

“Cuts”, “savings”, “costs” are words that we hear every day and at all hours, especially those related to the macro economy and the finances of the state, but they are also terms present in the family economy. “Cut” certain expenses at home … And, of course, in the management of any company, where it is vital to hit every penny we spend, but … How do we get this?

In these moments, getting financing for an SME is almost impossible mission, for what the ‘control of costs’ becomes even more essential, to analyze and optimize any expense that we make in our company and thus anticipate possible problems.

How many times have we heard, ‘this company died of success’, this can happen for different reasons:

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Business intelligence: the intelligent management of information

When the trees do not let you see the forest

business intelligenceWe all know how important it is to have information and know how to handle it correctly in all areas of life and, of course, in the world of the company, where a suitable solution can be a revenue of many thousands of euros. For example, a company like Gatorade has achieved daily savings of $ 23,700 by accessing the product demand data in real time and updating its main indicators every 45 minutes … something that is only possible using Business Intelligence applications (B.I).

Every day in our companies, from SMEs to large corporations, we have to handle a multitude of data and sometimes due to its volume or lack of specificity we are not able to analyze in detail what is really important for the achievement of the objectives we set ourselves, that is to say ‘ the trees do not let us see the forest ‘, but fortunately there are tools available to everyone, who manage all this information to be able to adopt the best possible solution.
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Cloud Computing: Are you in the clouds?

cloud computing

What is it? Is it something new? Does it save costs?
In a very simple way we could define “Cloud computing” as a platform to offer services through the Network, accessible from any place and with any type of device, or in other words it allows us, among other things, to install applications to work in Internet, hosting them externally and without having enough capacity to organize the information.

From a more technical point of view, integrates in a unique way Saas (software as a service), Paas (platform as a service) and Iaas (infrastructure as services). Forgive the acronyms, but I think it’s interesting to name them because they are well-known terms in the sector and it is good that when they offer this type of service, they know its meaning and do not sound like ‘Chinese’.

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