Magic xpa – development platform

Magic xpa is a powerful and versatile application development platform that simplifies and accelerates the process of building and deploying enterprise applications. It is the only platform capable of generating RIA applications and SaaS Web applications through a unified development paradigm.

Magic xpa has maximum compatibility with a wide range of implementation systems, providing a simple and progressive migration. It also has native support for mobile clients, fully supporting the development and deployment of mobile applications in the corporate environment.

  • Benefits

    • Maximum productivity.
    • Better functionality performance.
    • Greater profitability and return on investment.
    • Reduction of production and deployment times.
    • Greater flexibility and responsiveness.
    • Reduced development risks.
    • Optimization of resources.
    • Reduced training costs.
  • Characteristics

    • Automatic management of contexts.
    • Perfect integration with .NET.
    • Use of existing business logic in Java, .Net, RPG, Cobol, etc. applications.
    • High scalability with multi-tenant architecture.
    • Architecture oriented to events.
    • Multiplatform at the server level.
    • Transparency in the database.
    • Free browser.
    • Secured HTTP, XML, sessions and authentication.
    • Deploy WS-Security and WS-Interoperability of Supported Web Services.
    • It complies with all the strategies, at the company level, of service-oriented architecture (SOA).
    • High performance development.
    • Single development-multiple deployment.
    • Mobile native client for each type of device.
    • Architecture prepared to operate in the cloud.
    • Based on business rules repository.
    • Extensive enterprise-scale security.
    • Full integration in real time with back-end systems.

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