smart city

Malaga is sea, but also smart city

smart city

Cities have grown because there are many reasons to live in them and because the increase in life expectancy contributes to that. The increase of people together with a higher rate of aging and the fact that we are more demanding require better services.

The services and the state of our cities have improved a lot in recent years and even if we can put a damper on this, … the last one would be … but they are there! They are a reality that we need to maintain and continue to improve.

Resources grow at a rate far below the needs. The crisis, undoubtedly unfair for all, forces to change the patterns of action, adopt different decisions, do things differently, end the paradigms of the past, apply more intelligence, seek best practices, improve management, take decisions successful, invest well and be very lucky.

This justifies the drive pursued after the term SMART CITY as a formula to also seek new potential for development through innovation, through current scientific / technological support, no doubt overwhelming and necessary for sustainable progress.

The city of Malaga is at the forefront of SMART cities. Since 2004, it has been a pioneer in the way of managing the conservation of spaces and urban elements that has reported unquestionable benefits. The municipal transport company has incorporated important innovations, the same has happened with Emasa and today the SMART image is increased by the search for innovation in equipment and methods for the most efficient management of energy and the environment.

It is indisputable that innovation is an engine of growth and it is fortunate that technological progress is taking place in the years that are most needed, since we will have to face an extremely demanding future. But to achieve these successes, in institutions as in companies, it is not enough to apply technology, it is not enough to buy it, although they offer almost unlimited possibilities, there are other limitations that are immense and always come from the deficiencies of our concepts on their application, the limitations we carry within ourselves, who provide products and services whether technological or not and those who acquire them.

And they do not surpass themselves just by reading, they are overcome with experience, reflection and communication, with people of wide perspective, long-term vision, complete knowledge of their work, ability to decide, generosity to share and willingness to do. In the case of the Public Administration, in addition, people who seek citizen participation and support and put it at the center of its objectives. In the institutions as well as in the companies, for the success of any project, the decisive impulse of who embodies the maximum responsibility is fundamental.

Considering that technological possibilities are superior to limitations, to address a development strategy that is dependent on the capacities of the actors, we must ensure that they are available, either internally or through external support.

In the urban conservation project that we undertook in 2004 together with the City of Malaga, we had that momentum that remains today and with the people of the administration who embody the values ​​and strengths mentioned above in the search for more safety, quality and beauty for the City.

Therefore, the growth trend, the need to improve, the situation of the economy, the rapid technological evolution, the alterations of behavior and citizen patterns and the professional capacities that we have, imply and allow to deepen and learn from the experiences and promote and stimulate new ideas like SMART CITY that go in the direction of what seems convenient for the future.

In accordance with the current agreement by which a city qualifies as SMART and taking into account the foregoing, obviously “MÁLAGA sMARt”.

Article included in Vida Económica Magazine Málaga es mar, pero también smart (pdf)

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