By concept, marketing is synonymous with customer orientation. And it is precisely at this point that Marketing Intelligence (MI) puts special focus, developing new strategies in order to obtain a deeper knowledge of our customers.

It is essential to get to know our client better, analyze in detail all the relevant information that we can collect. For this, we will use data analysis technologies (Business Intelligence and Big Data), and we will integrate all the sources of information that we have available (App, CRM, ERP, Social Networks, counting systems, etc.)

The way of communicating with customers is very varied (Bluetooth, Wifi, SMS, E-Mail, Apps, Social Networks, E-commerce, etc.) And the information that gives us allows us to analyze all the user’s movements and learn from He to recommend what he likes, looking for an amazing, different and unique experience.

These technologies, as well as the different forms of communication, will allow us to obtain:

• Greater knowledge of the client.
• Develop immediate and effective marketing actions.
• Measure its impact in real time.
• Establish totally personalized strategies for each client (since we will know their behaviors and consumption habits)
• Quantify the impact of marketing actions. Reducing uncertainty and having a greater numerical understanding of the impact they will have.
• Analyze information more rigorously.
• Anticipate the behavior of consumers.

A clear example of the use of Marketing Intelligence is its application in a Shopping Center. It has always been difficult to identify people who visit a “physical” commercial, leisure or restoration space, which greatly limits the ability of merchants to personalize the service and offer to the final customer.

Technological evolution already offers solutions to overcome this limitation, allowing to identify and interact with consumers and exponentially multiplying the commercial and personalized marketing capacity.

That is why the world of retail, catering and traditional leisure is undergoing a profound transformation, aimed at improving the consumer experience, integrating the offline world and the online world, identifying the same customer in a differentiated by different channels and with the ability to interact with it in different ways and forms as we have seen.

In short, Marketing Intelligence allows us to see information in a more global and analytical way in real time, in order to improve the customer experience and increase its loyalty.

Jose María Vassallo

CEO Besoftware BSW

Article included in Vida Económica Magazine “Marketing Intelligence”

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