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A real-time global view of your financial value chain

  • Users: from 1 to more than 50 users.
  • Company size: from 50 employees.
  • For companies of all sectors.

Sage XRT Treasury is an integrated and modular treasury solution that allows you to adapt to the growing financial needs and complexities that you have in your day to day.

This treasury software provides real-time visibility into your company’s liquidity, it also provides the medium and long-term vision of the rest of your financial resources.

It has features that automate the sending and receiving of information with banks, as well as having a powerful Reporting Business Intelligence tool that will allow you to analyze reports, charts and dashboards such as the global position or the bank company balance.

Sage XRT Treasury gives you the possibility to choose to have the solution on a computer in your office or if you prefer you can have it in the cloud and access with a web browser.

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  • Functionalities

    • Treasury management – Monitoring of the daily position and optimization of balances on value date.
    • Reporting and Business Intelligence – Thanks to the reports, graphs, analysis, dashboards and standard indicators that come by default you will get a general and analytical overview of the financial department. Also available on mobile devices.
    • Banking Communication – You can communicate automatically with your banking entities, the system will proactively import the bank statement and integrate it into the application.
    • Financial operations – This solution allows you to manage and control financing and investment operations in the medium and long term.
    • Exchange risk – Controls and manages the risk of working with foreign currencies in international operations.
    • Accounting reconciliation – Automates the reconciliation of rule 43 with accounting movements.
    • Collections and payments – Generation and sending of remittances of collections and payments. Complete management of the different security levels in bank-company and intra-group communications.
    • Treasury Budgets – Management and monitoring of the annual treasury budget, being able to control the deviations produced between the expected and the real.
    • Automatic accounting – Automatically generates the accounting entries from the information extracted from different sources (rule 43, excels), to integrate them directly into the accounting system of the company.
    • Electronic signature – Thanks to the validation through electronic signature you can guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and traceability of payments.
    • Swiftnet – Make international banking connections through the Swiftnet service. Both for reception and for payments.
    • Banking Powers – You can manage bank powers in a secure way by bank, account or by operation, you can also send letters automatically to banks to report any changes.
    • Netting – You can centralize and compensate intra-group invoices.
  • Benefits

    • Avoid staying in the red and having possible budgetary deviations. Improve working capital and allow you to have a global vision of liquidity.
    • Full and specialized coverage in cash flow management: payments and collections, financial decisions, currency risk management, payment orders, reconciliation and bank communication. It’s a modular approach: you pay for what you need.
    • This treasury software puts transparent technology at your disposal, at the service of simplicity and convenience in development and use.
    • Improve decision making by eliminating uncertainties.
    • Compliance with standards and regulations: LSF, SOX, SEPA …
    • Treasury program that easily integrates with all market information systems.
    • Strengthens security of payments.
    • Reduces liquidity and market risks.
    • Reduces costs derived from manual tasks.
    • Improves the efficiency of financial management.
    • Fully compatible with local and international legislation

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