The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

This next-generation data analytics application allows people of all skill levels to get more out of the data. Quickly combine any number of data sources, regardless of their size. Explore freely in any direction through interactive selections and global searches. Interact with a powerful variety of intelligent visualizations. You will no longer be limited to a linear scan with partial data visualizations or slowed down by cumbersome data preparation. That is Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense Cloud allows you to launch the analytics quickly. Since everything is ready, you can gather your data right away and collaborate in a shared and secure environment.

Qlik Sense Enterprise offers highly flexible and scalable analytics for every BI case study, both on-premises and in the cloud, in a regulated and secure framework of work that everyone can rely on.


Do the unimaginable with your data

Qlik Sense gives you superpowers of data. Easily combine all your data sources, regardless of their size, in a single visualization. The associative engine of Qlik indexes every possible relation of your data so that you can obtain immediate knowledge and explore in the direction in which your intuition takes you. Unlike query-based tools, here there is no previously added data or predefined queries that slow you down. This means that you can ask new questions and create analytics without having to develop new queries or wait for the experts.

An incredible analytical experience that everyone will love


Interactive analysis, without limitations

Ask a question and quickly explore all your data to gain knowledge, using global search and interactive selections. All analytics are updated instantaneously with each click, no matter how much you deepen, if you broaden the analysis or change your way of thinking in new directions. There are no limits in the exploration and no data is left behind.

Qlik-SenseSimply smarter visualizations

The most innovative visualizations place your data in the right context to answer any question. Explore the form of the data and identify outliers. Use advanced analytics integration and geographic calculations to expand knowledge. It is completely interactive; Screen, zoom and select to find knowledge visually.


Create and explore on any device

Explore, create and collaborate on any device, directly at the time you make a decision. Qlik Sense was created from scratch with a responsive mobile design and tactile interaction. Create analytics apps once and they will work everywhere, on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Make better decisions. Jointly

With Qlik Sense, everyone can make smarter and better informed decisions, together. No matter how big your team is, share knowledge in a simple way and work collaboratively in very powerful ways:

  • Stay connected with a unified center: find and share analytics apps securely from a centralized location.
  • Collaborate safely: create and share reliable data models, analytics and visualizations with colleagues to drive business innovation together.
  • Share stories based on data: create guided stories about your results without leaving your analyzes. You can also export in popular file formats.

Which version of Qlik Sense is right for you?

Qlik Sense Cloud Basic

to get started

Create and explore analytics applications from uploaded data. Prepare and visually associate multiple data sources. Share knowledge with up to 5 people.

Qlik Sense Cloud Business

For individuals and teams

fixed fee / user per month
Help your team collaborate and implement data analytics. Get group governance, a co-authoring work space and direct data connectivity.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Para empresas de gran tamaño

Flexibilidad de precios

Cubra todas las necesidades de analítica de empresas de todos los tamaños con una solución completamente escalable y personalizable. Consiga gobernanza a nivel empresarial, API abiertas e implementación en las instalaciones, en la nube o una solución entre medias.

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